MAROON VELVET started in 2011 as a luxury leather goods firm of Spanish origin under the creative direction of Susana Blázquez, whose family has been dedicated to the arts of equestrian saddlery and leather craft on the one hand and to tailoring and haute couture on the other. Keeping this inheritance in mind, it is not surprising that there are such high requirements on both the choice of materials (high quality leather with a touch that makes you sigh) and on the perfectionist and delicate handcrafting that provide the handbags and accessories with their core signature. This painstaking attention to detail is expressed in each stitching, in every piece of hardware, in each finish and in each engraving, and even in the interior linings, so exquisite that you long to show them off.

Each MAROON VELVET piece is created with an aspiration to timelessness; to enamour one permanently, seeking to seduce far beyond the initial infatuation and to become a long-time wardrobe treasure. The designs stand out for their careful balance between classicism and in-fashion. This is achieved through clean and ultra-feminine lines, large doses of urban convenience, a certain retro demeanour, a possible touch of folk and a range of colours that span from single shock colours (yellow, magenta), through contrasting colour pairs (orange + python, black + jade green), and on to natural tones (beige, browns, leather...). The final result: bags that breathe a relaxed sophistication that fits and conforms to any style.

Another hallmark of the brand is its very strong commitment to Spanish traditional craftsmanship; a commitment that is not only an effort to offer a flawless end product – as befits all authentic luxury – but also to contribute to the preservation of the traditional artisan production methods of leather goods, internationally recognized as among the very best. Currently these traditional methods are an 'endangered species' in the face of the unstoppable advance of the cut-rate Asian clothing industry. Based in Madrid, MAROON VELVET performs all of its production processes in Andalusian workshops, chosen for their mastery and exceptional artisan skills in their selection of materials and in the tanning, dyeing and sewing of the hide.

The name MAROON VELVET comes from Bordeaux Velvet. This fabric has historically represented luxury and in that specific colour evokes the symbiosis of the traditional, the modern and the sophisticated. This mix is embodied to perfection in the mythical blazer, made famous by the nineteenth-century British dandies. It is a classy, luxurious and undeniably elegant garment able to combine the code and etiquette of the upper class of the time with the snobby and irreverent touch that delighted even Oscar Wilde himself. The Dandy par excellence, who detested pure and simple trends and advocated for creating one's own style and whose mythical phrase “Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern; one is apt to grow old-fashioned quite suddenly” fits like a glove with the philosophy of enduring and timeless luxury upheld by MAROON VELVET.